Why To Read the Old Testament

In our latest study on John 12:1-19, we spent a good portion of our time in Daniel 9 looking at the fascinating prophecy detailing the exact day Jesus would openly declare Himself the Messiah and why, had His disciples not sung in praise “Hosanna”, that even the rocks would cry out as the specific day was the day the Lord had made (Psalm 118:24 – which is what that Psalm is really about).  If you did not hear it, I would encourage you to listen here.

With that said, it is important we know about the Old Testament as well as the New.  In fact, the best commentary on the New Testament is the Old Testament and vice versa.  You miss many of the meanings behind Scripture and many of the prophecies foretold if you aren’t spending time in the Old Testament.

“Yeah but the Old Testament is hard to understand with all the various prophecies and what not!”, you may say.

Well if you are reading this, then you have internet, and if you have internet, then you have the ability to do some simply Bible studying and research on those difficult passages.  You’ve got time to check out IMDB to figure out who that actor was in that one movie, you’ve got time to check out someone’s life on Facebook, so you’ve got time to access a Bible site to get some help with a difficult passage.  My recommendation: www.blueletterbible.com – a great site with all the tools you need and some commentaries from well respected pastors/commentators to help understand passages you may be stuck on.

“Well the Old Testament is boring.” – not if you understand it is God’s Word (meaning there is purpose for it and it still speaks) and go into it asking Jesus to reveal Himself through His Word to you.

I often find that, aside from the well known passages in the Old Testament, there is a general lack of knowledge of what is written in the Old Testament.  Don’t let that be you.  Spend time digging in (not just Psalms and Proverbs, but Genesis, Isaiah, Habakkuk, even Leviticus).  Find a Bible or Bible tool which has cross references (verses associated with whatever passage you are reading) and as you read the New Testament, visit the Old Testament cross references.

Why should you read the Old Testament?  Because it is the Word of God (just as important as the New Testament), it will help you understand the New Testament better, and it will impact your life as you see the lives of the Old Testament heroes and their examples for us, as you read prophecies that have been fulfilled EXACTLY as prophesied and see what awaits, and as you know the origins of where everything came from and why those origins are important for us.

This blog post comes from further thoughts of the sermon on John 12:1-19 titled “Jesus: Exactly on Time” which can be found by clicking here or simply visiting http://www.refugesanger.com/teachings


One thought on “Why To Read the Old Testament

  1. One of the the lessons you can only get out of studying the whole OT is how Patient God is in dealing with his chosen people. This shows a tremendous amount of love and mercy toward us.


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