No Argument On This

As we have been studying through the Gospel of John, we continue to find the Jews arguing about who Jesus is.  In their arguments though one thing they never argue about:

Whether He is a good teacher or not!

Why do I point that out? Because in today’s society there is a belief out there that says something like this: “I follow some of Jesus’ teachings because I think they are good, but I don’t really follow Him”.  And then they will go on to discuss how they also follow Ghandi, Budha and other teachings.  But there is a major problem along this line of thinking and it revolves around if Jesus could simply be a good teacher and if His teachings could actually be good.

Now before you get up in arms and wonder how I could question His teachings being good or not, I do say they are good but they couldn’t be if you don’t believe He is who He said He was.

See throughout the Scriptures Jesus states He is God – He doesn’t blur the line or sort of hint at it; He is bold in declaring it thus the reasons the Jewish leaders want to kill Him.  Now a man who claims to be divine cannot be a good teacher and His teachings can’t be good unless in fact He was divine.

Let’s put it in modern day perspective.  You have a good job and a good boss.  You like your boss – in fact your boss is a very friendly person.  But let’s say your boss one day comes in and declares that he/she is in fact God.  That he/she will rise from the dead and will also one day judge the earth.  Would you continue to be okay with whatever else comes out of the mouth of your boss?  Would you say he/she is a little crazy but I still choose to follow other stuff my boss says.  What about if one of your kids had a teacher who claimed to be God?  Would you still want your kids sitting under that teacher?  Would he/she still be a good teacher?

See Jesus can’t just be a good teacher.  He is either a liar, a lunatic or He is Lord.  We have too much evidence to show He certainly was who He said He was (rose from the dead, performed miracles, etc) so He cannot be a liar or a lunatic and therefore must be Lord.  Since He is Lord, His teachings are good and we should follow them.

That is why the Jews argued whether He was the Messiah or a crazy person but never if He was simply a good teacher whose teachings we should follow.  He didn’t leave room for them to have that argument.  Next time someone you know uses that argument, ask them why they would view Him as a good teacher or His teachings good since He claimed to be omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and the Messiah.

This blog post comes from the thoughts of the sermon on John 10:1-21 titled “The Good Shepherd” which can be found by clicking here or simply visiting


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