Called … to Wait

Have you ever had to wait for something?

I mean besides waiting at red lights, waiting in a drive through, waiting in line, waiting for your kids, etc.  Have you ever had to wait for something that you feel like God has called you to do, but the doors just have not opened yet?  And you begin to wonder if the calling is even there or if God has changed His mind or if it was just an emotional response?

Throughout the Gospel of John, we see Jesus say “my time has not yet come” or John talk about His time not yet coming.  The time referred to is when Jesus will publicly declare Himself as the Messiah by riding on a donkey into the city as well as dieing on the cross for our sins.  Jesus knew His calling and was submitted to His Father’s will and so although He was called to do these things, He had to wait.

Now don’t lose me on having to wait to die – I think we’d all want to wait longer for that!  But what I am saying is there is a period of waiting after the initial calling. Consider….

  • Abraham – was told he would have a son and his seed would be more numerous than the sand.  He had to wait many years before Isaac was ever born which caused this great man of faith to try to preempt God’s promise through fleshly ways.
  • Joseph – saw that he would one day rule (family bowing down to him) but he had to be sold into slavery for years then thrown into jail for a few years before God would raise him up.
  • The nation of Israel – were told they would inherit the land but they would be in Egypt for 400+ years before they would even come back into the land and conquer it through God’s power.
  • David – anointed (called) to be the next king of Israel after Saul but it would not be fulfilled in his life until many years later after having to run and hide from Saul during that time.
  • Paul – after being saved, he would spend 10 years away from the public scene before Barnabus would go and find him

And there are many more as you study Scripture who had a calling from God but then had years of waiting before the calling was fulfilled.

Perhaps you’re in that place of waiting.  God has called you to do something and yet nothing is happening.  Maybe it’s been years even – keep waiting.  Use that time of waiting (which is ultimately preparation) to serve where He has placed you and wait for Him to raise you up to that next calling (be it in the ministry or in the business world).  He knows what He is doing.

I know the struggle – I received the sure calling from the Lord to be a senior pastor when I was 17.  I thought 4 years of schooling at Liberty University would be my waiting time and then the calling would be sure.  How glad am I that it was 18 years of serving in various other ways before He gave me a church to pastor.  Those years of training have been beyond valuable.  I didn’t always think so during those years of waiting (although I always enjoyed the ministries I got to lead during those times), but I look back on them and I see some of His reasoning for having me wait.  And I never doubted the calling even when others around may have due to how long it took which allows me to persevere now as well.

God’s timing is perfect.  Don’t begrudge the time of “small things” (in your mind).  If He has called you to something, He will complete it – don’t try to complete it for Him.

So you find yourself waiting for something from the Lord?  You’re in excellent company with those who waited before you!

This blog post comes from the thoughts of the sermon on John 7:1-53 titled “Disbelief & Division” which can be found by clicking here or simply visiting


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