The Problem With Self Righteousness

The problem with self-righteousness is that it is oh so easy to slip into.  We scorn the Pharisees for how they treated the masses as well as Jesus, yet in many ways we can quickly act like them without realizing it.

  • When we begin to start thinking we know a person’s heart and feel like we can talk/blog/tweet/etc. about them because we’ve read clips of what others have read on them, we dive into self-righteousness.  Now this type of self-righteousness we easily justify as “holding someone accountable” or other spiritual responses on it, but it is still self-righteousness.  Example: Mark Driscoll – he shows up on a public stage after stepping down from a church a week prior and suddenly everyone wants to say his reasons for doing so as if we know his heart.  I’m not defending the man, I’m just saying we don’t know motives.  When we think we do and therefore elevate ourselves above someone, we start to get into self-righteousness.
  • When someone comes into our church dressed poorly (in our standards) or with styles that don’t match our tastes, and we are more concerned about that than excited they have chosen to fellowship with us at church, we start to become self-righteous.
  • When someone gets saved and we are more concerned with them confirming to our standards rather than continuing to be excited they are saved (and looking to invest into them and let the Spirit do His work), we start to become self-righteous.
  • When newer in the faith Christians start to wonder why the older in the faith Christians aren’t as excited as they are about the Gospel, self-righteousness can start to creep in.
  • When we write blogs or articles to talk bad about the church or others, we can elevate ourselves into self-righteousness.

There is always a place for exhortation in the body of Christ and it should be there.  The problem is when the one doing the exhorting is doing it without humility and love (and just saying “I’m doing this in love” doesn’t always make it love).  We must always examine our own hearts as to our reasons for saying this or that.

But the problem with self-righteousness is that it is so easy to slip into.

This blog post comes from the thoughts of the sermon on John 5:1-47 titled “Jesus: Seeker, Fulfiller, Defender” which can be found by clicking here or simply visiting


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