You Don’t Have a Boring Testimony

“Likewise I say to you, the is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” – Luke 15:10

As we studied John 4:27-54 on Sunday and mentioned how your testimony can help bring a harvest of souls, I spoke on that no one has a boring testimony and I want to reiterate that point here in this post.

Often times we hear “amazing” testimonies (sometimes brag-a-monies if the sin is highlighted over the salvation from it) where a person was in drugs or killing people or paralyzed and they heard the Gospel, received Christ and were radically changed.  Those that do not have a testimony that wows the crowd can feel as if they should not share their testimony because it is boring because they grew up in a Christian home and knew Christ at a young age, or because “there isn’t much too it”.  They can feel as if the world does not need to hear how they were lost and now found because they weren’t “into the evils of the world” as much.  If that is you (or you have ever felt that way of someone else’s testimony) let me say:

YOUR TESTIMONY IS NOT BORING…and for four reasons.

1. Angels rejoiced in heaven when you got saved.  Whether it was at 5 years old or 35 years old, they rejoiced in Heaven for you!  And Scripture only tells us of 4 other things they rejoice about which makes your testimony a big deal to them.

2. You were lost and now are found – it doesn’t matter of “how lost” because Heaven and Hell is not based on levels of righteousness (or lack thereof) that we can think in.  By nature we are sinners and the fact that we sin just proves that point.  We sin because we are sinners not the other way around.  A person who stole a penny but doesn’t know Christ is as lost as the person killing others who doesn’t know Christ.  Jesus died for you and saved you!  That is pretty miraculous.

3. Jesus is still working in you!  That is part of your testimony right there.  The fact He continues to shape you and grow you and conform you more to His image is unbelievably amazing.

4. Those of us who knew the ways of the world and did not grow up in a Christian home wish we had.  We wish we did not need to know the pain of a sinful lifestyle and could have been in that environment.

So don’t convince yourself your testimony is boring.  Get out there and share it!  It is the one thing people can’t argue about.  There are at least 2 billion people who will die without Christ during your lifetime (and to understand 2 billion, like I taught on Sunday, if I gave you $1 every 2 seconds from the day you were born to the day you died, you would still not reach 2 billion dollars).  These people need to hear about Christ, they need to hear about your testimony.  Share it! (but remember to keep Christ at the center…focus should always be on Him not you).


Sunday’s message from John 4:27-54, “White for Harvest”, can be heard in its entirety here: A Place of Refuge as well as other sermons from our teachings through the Gospel of John


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