What Keeps You From Coming to Jesus?

This past Sunday’s sermon was titled “The Great Debate” and was on John 3:1-21.  If you are on the fence about Jesus or are doubting your salvation or are trying to witness to a friend about Jesus, I’d suggest you click here and listen to the sermon.

For this post I want to focus on Nicodemus: he was religious, he was rich, he had influence, and he was educated.  All the makings of a self-made man.

And yet….

And yet, that did not stop him from coming to Jesus with his questions.

Who needs to come to Jesus when you can afford all the luxuries of life?  Nicodemus did.  Who needs to come to Jesus when you are a good, moral, religious person?  Nicodemus did.  Who needs to come to Jesus when you have an education and can figure things out yourself?  Nicodemus did.  Who needs to come to Jesus when you have scores of people who obey your command or serve you?  Nicodemus did.

“Well I’m not Nicodemus!”, you may say.  No, you’re not, but I’m willing to bet whether you care to admit it to the world or not, you come with the same questions and thoughts we (like Nicodemus) all have: what’s the point of this life?  Why am I on this earth?  Is there life after death?  Is there truly justice for those who have done hideous crimes?  Why can’t I find true happiness?  I have everything but aren’t satisfied, why not?  Etc.  And those answers will all be answered (and have been answered) by Jesus.

Or you’re the Christian who has got burned by the church or burnt out due to religious requirements (unduly) placed upon you and you began walking in your own wisdom and opinions of who Jesus is based on what others have said.  Go back to the source – go back to Jesus.  Not what others have written or quoted, but what He says about Himself in the Bible (and the Gospel of John is a good place to start).  Come to the Scriptures with a childlike faith and understanding and see what He says about Himself.

But if you come to Jesus, desiring to hear from Him, then come as one who has nothing to offer and everything to gain.  Our own pride is often the largest obstacle.

For Nicodemus, he found eternal life because he did not let his influence, wealth, book smarts, or spirituality keep him from inquiring of Jesus.


The full study on John 3:1-21 can be listened to here: The Great Debate




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