Love & Fury

This past Sunday, we studied John 2:1-25, focusing on both the love and fury of Jesus.  I spoke on the fact that God the Father (or as some try to distinguish “God of the Old Testament”) and Jesus (“God of the New Testament”) are the same and therefore you will find the nature of God the Father in the nature of God the Son.  If you study the Old Testament you will find more than just a wrathful, judging God and if you study the New Testament you will find more than a one dimensional, loving-never-harsh Jesus, and in John 2 you see both the loving side of Jesus (blessing a marriage) and the fury side (overturning tables, driving out money changers, etc).

I want to focus on John 2:6-8, dealing with the servants who obeyed Jesus by filling the waterpots (to the brim) with water and taking it to the master (which sometime Jesus turned into wine).  We discussed four important principles (as similar to what Spurgeon stated on this passage):

  1. When Christ is about to give a blessing, He often begins with a command
  2. Jesus’ commands are not to be questioned but obeyed
  3. Whenever you get a command from the Lord, carry it out to the fullest
  4. God doesn’t need us but He chooses to use us

The fourth truth is one we can all dwell on more because we can either think too highly of ourselves or too lowly.  Many will get a large amount of education and/or Bible training and think they have all the head knowledge, knowing more than everyone else, and therefore God will use them greatly.  Or people will think they’ve blown it too many times or have zero to offer the Lord in talents and therefore God won’t use them.

The glorious truth is that both are incorrect ways of thinking.  We are not used because we are someone special (read 1 Corinthians 1:25-31 if you have any doubts).  Like the waterpots and the servants, we are used because we are available to be used.  We should not boast in being used or expect to be used, but simply tell God we are willing however He chooses to use us.  Therefore, don’t think of any ministry as “beneath you” (and though people will never say that, they will say something like “I’m just not called to do that” to get out of something***), but simply be glad and humbled, the God of the universe who died for you is requesting you help Him (be it cleaning toilets, watching kids in the nursery, teaching wild 5th graders in the classroom, greeting people or teaching from the pulpit).  It’s an amazing privilege to serve so great a King and let us do so to the very fullest!

Click to hear Sunday’s message, “Love & Fury”

***if you really aren't called to do something, don't do it.  Not everyone should do children's ministry (as one example), but you know whether it is an excuse to get out of doing something you don't like or feel beneath you or not.

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