Come & See Part 2

Due to length & time, I was not able to speak on my last point, “Come & See Jesus For Yourselves”, in the previous post found here.  I will do so in this post.

When Jesus told Philip to “follow Me”, Jesus showed that He was not afraid to tell people to follow Him.  He knew He was the only way to Heaven and throughout the Gospels, He attests to this fact.  Throughout the New Testament, we are told this fact.

And yet, so many in the church today are afraid to tell people to follow Jesus or claim they are not sure if He is the only way or throw in their own philosophical musings without taking time to study what the Word has to say.  Some can get “too smart” for their own good to which they begin to throw out sound doctrine, throw out the institution of the local church, and throw out the Gospel because in their own “intellect” they have decided what is best.  I remember talking to one person who stated he was a Christian but was not sure if the Resurrection had truly happened or not but was living his life as if the “myth” were true.

I would say, come & see.  The Word can be understood, the evidence of the Resurrection can be studied, and the tenants of the faith can be followed and grasped.

Andrew went and saw and he invited Peter.  Philip went and saw and he invited Nathanael to come and see.  Two people invited two others to come and see Jesus, and those two others would help to change the world.  You may not have all the answers to your friend, but you can invite them to come and see.  Invite them to your home or to a Bible study or to your church.

But don’t get caught up in all the blabbering out there of people who think themselves wise and experts – pick up your Bible and start reading/studying for yourself.  Jesus invites us to do so and meets us there.

Full sermon found here: Come & See


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