Come & See

My basic outline for our text in John 1:19-51 was this:

  • A Voice in the Wilderness (v. 19-28)
  • Come & See the Lamb of God (v. 29-37)
  • Come & See – Jesus’s Call to Know Him (v. 38-39)
  • Come & See Jesus for Yourselves (v. 40-51)

I want to spend a little bit of time on the last two points and cover them more deeply than in the message.

In Jesus opening Himself up to the disciples by inviting them to come and see where He was staying, He began the time of fellowship with these disciples and it impacted their lives so much they remember the time this took place (“about the tenth hour [4 P.M.]).  He was not afraid to show Himself and be known to those who wanted to draw close to Him (and He is  still the same way with us).  It is a model for us to be real with people.  You may say, “yeah, but He had nothing to hide!  He was perfect, the Son of God, afterall.”  True, in the sense that there were no sins in His life or imperfections, but: He was not rich, this was not His home (He was staying with someone else), Isaiah 53:2 tells us He had no form or comeliness or beauty that we should desire Him, and He had all kinds of skeletons in His closet when it came to His ancestry.  There were plenty of things that could have, and did, make people turn away, but He was not afraid to show who He was, because He was confident in who He was and what God had called Him to do.

If we want to experience true fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to be willing to open ourselves up to them.  We need not worry whether the house is perfectly clean before inviting others over (if you have kids, it may NEVER be clean..haha), or whether we are intelligent enough or have enough theological knowledge to talk with others.  You might think or say, “but I could get really hurt emotionally by doing so!” or even, “at my last church I got burned by people and are afraid to open up again”, or possibly even, “don’t you know how judgmental people can be?”.  Let me assure you – at some point in time by opening up and having deep relationships YOU WILL get hurt!  People are people, they let us down, and sometimes even stab us in the back.  It all happened to Jesus and still happens to Him.  So He understands.

BUT…you will also experience a deep connection with others you may have never had before.  You will find friends that are closer than a brother (or sister).  You will have people who will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or a person to confide in or a friend to confess your sins and faults too (James 5:16).

So how can you practically do this and how can you use wisdom in doing so?  Well first, look for someone that seems trustworthy and walking with the Lord.  Then invite them over to your house for dinner or meet at Starbucks for coffee or just go out for a $1 sweet tea at McDonald’s.  Before you meet with them, just ask the Lord to bless the time.  Then just start talking – maybe start by sharing your testimony, asking them their testimony, maybe bring questions you are wrestling with in the Scriptures or share what the Lord has been teaching you.  Someone walking with the Lord, is going to respond in a positive way to these things.

We will cover the second point in a later post.

Sunday’s message found here: Come & See


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