Turn on the Light

This past Sunday, the message was titled “When the Eternal Stepped Into Our World” and we covered John 1:1-18.  We took time to look at what an amazing thing it was for Jesus to take on human form so that we could know Him and obtain salvation.

I want to take this blog to focus on John 1:4-5  – “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  The word comprehend is also be translated “overcome” and better shows the meaning of the verse.

Darkness can never extinguish the light but the light can always extinguish the darkness.  If you put a candle in a totally dark room, the candle isn’t going to go out because the darkness is so thick.  Rather, the light will chase the darkness.  If you want to get rid of darkness in a room, you simply turn on the lights.  The more light there is the less darkness there is.

The same principle is true in our lives.  If you are walking in darkness or your life is in the dark, are you turning on The Light?  When we allow the light in our lives to dim, darkness will creep in.  We find we aren’t interested in spiritual things, maybe depression or lack of hope comes in as well, and we wonder what happened to the joy we once had.  The cares of the world seem overwhelming, it can be hard to “put up” with cranky kids, and we may just not want to keep going on.

Turn The Light on!

The easiest way I have found, at least for me, is grab your iPod, CD player, or any music player, and start listening to worship music.  Focus on singing along (outloud or silently in your heart) and focusing on Jesus.  Worship is a great chance to be reminded of the promises of God, the loving character of God, the truths of Scripture, and give praise unto Him in a very prayerful way.  Then open His Word, the Bible, and refresh yourself.

Will your problems go away?  Will all in your life be cured?  No, but the Light will be on and you’ll find when your path is lit, it is much easier managing what is going on in the world around you than when you were stumbling through the darkness.  Hope and joy will replace fear and sorrow and you will find rest for your souls (and He promises rest for all who come).

Other messages can be found at: www.refugesanger.com


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