Our Vision, Your Service

Acts 2:42-47, Ephesians 4:11-16

We spent time discussing what the church should look like and what our vision will be. 

Let me review what we are calling “The Heartbeat of Refuge Sanger”: Equip, Know, Go (our EKG)

  • Equip – focusing on teaching you the Word of God so you can do the work of ministry God has prepared for you
  • Know – Knowing Jesus & one another in deeper ways by being devoted to prayer, worship, and fellowship
  • Go – Going into all nations and making disciples. We will be a missions minded church

 But as we venture out on this direction The Lord is taking us in, we only go so far as the saints get involved, being Spirit-filled to do the work.  I would challenge you to ask yourself, how has God gifted me & how can I serve Him at Refuge.

As we rollout this vision and go from inreach (what you had done for 5 months while Dan served faithfully as interim pastor looking for new pastor until Jesus brought our family out so I would serve as the senior pastor) to outreach, there will be and currently are a multitude of opportunities to serve. 

The early church was devoted to the apostles teaching, prayer, breaking of bread and fellowship. Let it be said that we as Christians and Refuge Sanger are devoted to those same things.


Sunday’s message found here: Our Vision, Your Service


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